What is the Cost of Skin Lightening Surgery in India?

Cost of Skin Lightening Surgery in India
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Skin Lightening is a process of removing the uppermost layer of skin which is darker in colour and give a new beautiful white colour skin.

Cost of Skin Whitening Surgery in India
skin whitening surgery

How can one go for Skin Whitening Treatments?

There are various different types of treatments available in India. You can go for a full body skin whitening procedure or a face lightening treatment according to your needs.

How Skin Lightening is done?

A laser machine is used for a full body whitening treatment while chemical peels, bleaching, or cryosurgery is mostly performed for a facial skin whitening procedure.

Cost of Skin Whitening Treatment In India

In India, the cost of the ‘’Skin Whitening Treatment’’ is very low as compared to the other countries like USA or UK. There are different types of skin whitening treatments available in India, whose cost ranges from 80K to 1 Lacs for national patients & $3000 to $ 5000 for International patients depending upon the type of surgery you opt for.

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