Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in India: Overview, Advantages & Cost

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in India
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A Gallbladder Cancer is a very rare form of cancer, Gallbladder cancer is caused when the malignant or cancer cells reside in the tissues of the gallbladder, located right below the liver.

One of the notable things about gallbladder cancer is that symptoms do not appear in the early stage. The Gallbladder cancer starts from inside of the cells and then spread into the internal and external body parts and even in the digestive system.

Gallbladder cancer symptoms show itself in the later stage, which can cause complications in treatment. In any case, an early diagnosis will make the treatment more effective.

Some common symptoms of gallbladder cancer include severe abdominal pain in the upper right portion of the belly, frequent vomiting tendency, and a lump in the belly. Jaundice is also a symptom of gallbladder cancer. Some other symptoms include itchy skin, dark color urine, greasy or white colored stools, sudden weight loss and loss of appetite.

Advantages of Gallbladder cancer treatment In India

There is a lot of advantage of being treated in India. Here are some of the most noticeable factors:-

  • One of the biggest advantages for Gallbladder Cancer treatment in India is of cost; cost in India is very low as compared to the other countries like UK and USA.
  • The 2nd advantage you have in India is an easy process of getting a visa; as Government of India has given a lot of relaxation in the visa process.
  • The 3rd advantage is that there are a lot of good doctors available in India without any waiting time.
  • Indian hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies & equipment for all types of cancer treatment in India.

Some of the famous cancer hospitals In India are:-

  • HCG Hospitals, Bangalore
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
  • Cancer Institute, Adyar – Chennai

Cost of Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in India

Gallbladder cancer treatment cost in India will depend on the stage of cancer. Generally, Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in India costs around Rs. 4,50,000-8,50,000 (Approx.). This cost is very low as compared to the other developed countries.

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