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6 - Step Process


1. You Contact Us


2. You Receive Quote within 48 hrs

appointment with doctor

4. We Book Appointment with Doctor

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3. We help in obtaining Medical Visa

5. You Visit India/Airport Pickup

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6. Get Treatment in India

Featured Treatments

cancer treatment
Cancer Treatment
Kidney Transplant
Kidney Transplant
Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
dental care
Dental Care
Ivf infertility treatment
IVF Infertility Treatment
knee replacement
Knee Replacement
brain tumor
Brain Tumor
medical tourism in india

Why Choose India for Medical Tourism?

  • Low-Cost of Treatment up to 10 times lower cost than other developed countries for the same treatment.
  • The rate of Success of Treatment is almost same as other Developed Countries for most of the Treatments
  • For some of the Treatments, the success rate is better than other Developed Countries.
  • Latest Technologies are available in India.
  • Highly Qualified Doctors are available in India.
  • Rich-Culture of India is also one of the main reasons to visit India.

Featured Hospitals

Fortis Hospital India
Fortis Hospital India
BLK Superspeciality Hospital India
BLK Superspeciality Hospital India
Artemis Hospital India
Artemis Hospital India
Apollo Hospital India
Apollo Hospital India

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